Health & Safety

Partnership Security Ltd work a comprehensive health and safety programme to ensure that all of its employees are prepared through training, equipment and effective procedures to provide a quality service, that sensibly protects ourselves, others who are carrying out tasks around us, as well as the general public.

The health and safety policy and implementation are important and have been provided to assist in our campaign, and are designed to encourage everyone to maintain a safe working environment.

Ongoing training is our number one goal, all of our operatives are ECS / CSCS certified with Supervisors, Foremen and Engineers holding the minimum qualification of a Basic Health and Safety Certificate. We operate a policy of regular ‘tool box talks’, meetings specialising on specific hazards and risk, such as safe use of steps and ladders, site safety and risks that we all come across such as Asbestos.

Health & Safety is our main concern on all sites and we work to uphold these important values and procedures.