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Partnership Arrange Fire Safety Day For Gillingham School Children


Partnership Fire & Security from Shaftesbury as part of the Shaftesbury & Gillingham Round Table have recently donated the sum of £ 1,000 between the organisations to allow for children from certain year groups of Gillingham primary schools to attend the new Dorset Fire & Rescue ‘Fire Wise’ training  centre in Weymouth.  The Fire Wise training centre is a safety education charity helping to reduce the number of people killed or injured in preventable accidents on the roads, in the home or at play. 




The money provided by Partnership Fire & Security and Shaftesbury & Gillingham Round Table will allow a large group of children from the Gillingham area and surrounding villages to attend what promises to be a fun and educational day out for all involved.



Dominic also gets to play in a fire engine :-)

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