CCTV in Dorset towns: Blandford and Shaftesbury

Dorset Towns CCTV

The residents and business owners of Shaftesbury and Blandford will be pleased to hear that we have now completed the new CCTV system for these Dorset towns.

With the help of residents and business owners, we have created a new data network from the Police Station to all areas of the town on which these new cameras operate. This will be a great help to both the Police and Town Councils in reducing and following up incidents, both in Shaftesbury, the ancient capital of Wessex - and Blandford. How things have moved on !

The CCTV system in use here is the new HikVision IP cameras - which offer truly incredible images, both day and night, and cover the High Street and areas up to Ivy Cross roundabout. The new CCTV system will allow the Police and Town Council to control the cameras from various locations around the town, and recall events up to a few months later.

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